"Dominate your Matrix" - What is this about?

The ‘dominating’ part is about you and you alone. Respect your own efforts and power to effect change, consciously engage with your life. No-one wears cuffs, nobody gets put down or blamed. Put good vibes out and commit to inspire – a positive ripple in the pond effect. Donna and Tugdosie coined the phrase:” Dominate Your Matrix!”; to summon a can-do attitude and identity. Cultivate a calm sense of confidence amidst the ups and downs of life. Invoke a spirit of tenacity and play.

In light of the recent global events, humanity has been stretched to new limits; shook to the core. This era demands that we bring forth new resources for our mental health – come hell or high water. To ‘channel your inner-Donna-Maytricks’, would mean, that you endeavor to “Dominate Your Matrix”. Pay heed to everything you take-in, listen to or watch. Be most responsible with your inner dialogue. It is time to take the reins. Back straight, boobs out – eyes front.