Who is Donna Maytricks and Tugdosie?

Old school mates turned frenemies, now the Fifty Shades of Khaki blogging-duo. Tugdosie leads a simple life as a seasonal sheep shearer and sought-after water diviner. Donna is a city girl who runs workshops encouraging women to celebrate their bodies, be it any shape or size and to express their sexuality in a healthy and playful manner.

How do I pronounce Tugdosie?

[ tœxdo:si ] It’s the type of Afrikaanse ‘g’ used in ‘gogga, Gert, bakgat’. The one where it sounds like you have a phlegm problem. So, to ‘tug’ is about boundaries; to lovingly chastise. Direct healthy boundaries in all your relationships, especially the one you have with yourself.

Our ladies have a blog and advice column; a safe space where you can celebrate your coolness but also share your vulnerable self.

You can write one of two kinds of letters:

English preference: deardonna@fiftyshadesofkhaki.com

Afrikaans preference: liewetugdosie@fiftyshadesofkhaki.com