'EAT PLAY BRAAI'  - Aprons
'EAT PLAY BRAAI'  - Aprons
'EAT PLAY BRAAI'  - Aprons
'EAT PLAY BRAAI'  - Aprons
'EAT PLAY BRAAI'  - Aprons


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"The fear of peeling too few potatoes. I love my friends and family - it reflects in my potato salad." - Donna Maytricks.

"Eat.Play.Braai." - Donna Maytricks.

Hello there Kitchen Diva! Don’t just buy a gift, make a statement.

The quality apron is the perfect gift for a bachelorettes’ party, kitchen tea, birthday, or just spoil yourself. The color print is beautifully designed and unique with a vintage ‘Boere-Burlesque-flair’. The product taglines are witty, making it a great conversation starter and serve as an ice-breaker. The one-size-fits-all apron panel is 70cm in width, has long tie-back bands to wrap around the skinny or full-bodied alike.

Treat yourself to a giggle. Authentic South-African gift items. Proudly brought to you by Fifty Shades of Khaki online store.

  • 100% Cotton Fabric top panel
  • 2-tone white and khaki chic
  • Adjustable clasp for neck

Fifty Shades of Khaki is not only an online shop and a story share/advice blog. Fifty Shades of Khaki is also an awesome tribe to become a part of on our social media platforms.

The two ladies behind it all is Donna Maytricks and Tugdosie [ tœxdo:si ]. They coined the phrase: ”Dominate Your Matrix” – to invoke a can-do attitude and confident identity.

They used to be old schoolmates who turned frenemies, but now they are the Fifty Shades of Khaki blogging-duo sensation.

Tugdosie leads a simple life as a seasonal sheep shearer and sought-after water diviner in the Karoo. Donna is a city girl who runs workshops encouraging women to celebrate their bodies, be it any shape or size, and to express their sexuality in a healthy and playful manner.